The All Star CNC Gasketing product line consists of four major product groups that include both adhesive and non-adhesive materials: Grid Gasketing, In-Board Gasketing, On-Board Gasketing, and Cover Gasketing.

Grid gasket board

Grid Gasketing Grid Gasketing is placed in the channels of the grid of your vacuum table/pods.  A non-adhesive material is recommended so as to not leave an adhesive residue in the channel when the gasket is replaced.  At some point the gasket will fatigue.  Once this happens and the gasketing is flush with the table surface height it is time to replace as it is no longer an effective sealant.

The ideal product will fill the channel width-wise evenly and stick above the surface of the channel by roughly 1/16”. Also, a rounded channel should be fitted with a round gasket. Squared channels should be fitted with squared gasketing products. All Star CNC has a Grid Gasket product for each CNC Router Manufacturer. The proper Grid Gasketing product for a particular channel size is crucial to maximizing vacuum performance.  Too narrow and it will slip in the channel.  Too wide and it will pinch when trying to zero out on the z-depth.

Cover gaskets

Cover Gasketing Cover Gasketing products are for small and/or narrow parts that would be difficult to gasket if using one of the other methods because of the limited surface area of the part. By covering the entire fixture with gasketing, users can route parts directly into the gasketing, and then create custom vacuum pocket areas to match the size and shape of their parts.

Cover Gasket can be supplied in pre-sized sheets or custom widths in all thicknesses and densities.

In-Board Gasketing In-Board Gasketing is intended for long-term use applications.  We call these dedicated fixtures as opposed to spoilboards.  In-Board Gasketing is longer lasting than surface mounted gasketing because it is recessed into the fixture.  When the vacuum is engaged, the gasketing can only compress down the the height of the fixture.  We recommend a 3-to-1 ration in terms of how much sticking above the fixture surface.

When using a non-porous fixture material, a vacuum source can be created for each piece, reducing vacuum loss.  Using a non-porous fixture board also greatly reduces the vacuum loss that would occur through the sides and exposed tool paths of a porous board, like MDF.  An adhesive backing keeps the gasketing material in the pre-routed channels.

large on-board gaskets

On Board Gasketing On-Board Gasketing is an adhesive-backed material that is placed directly on the surface of a fixture or spoilboard. It creates excellent holding power when doing short-run jobs and a dedicated fixture is not desired. When placed on a MDF spoilboard, no additional channel programming is needed. When deciding on which product is best, the thinner the better. But substrates with more variances require thicker gasketing to counteract those inconsistencies.

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