On-Board Gasketing

The quickest and easiest way to create a vacuum clamp is with On-Board Gasketing.  It is an extremely quick and cost effective way to improve vacuum hold performance without having the spend the time or materials on making dedicated fixtures.  create a vacuum clamp, the ideal solution is On-Board Gasketing. It is the easiest way to improve a vacuum hold down application on an MDF spoilboard vs downdraft hold only, and frankly it is not even a fair fight. When introducing gasketing, it changes the hold down environment from a simple downdraft system to a vacuum clamping, suction-cup style system. It is a different science. The vacuum clamp hold that is achieved with gasketing is 20X the vacuum pressure of a simple down-draft system. A simple flick of a finger can move a part on a MDF spoilboard, while a rubber mallet may not move a part out of place that is properly gasketed.

A surface mounted gasket does not require an programming or channels. By utilizing a porous MDF spoilboard, vacuum source holes seen here would not be required either.

A few things to consider when evaluating On-Board Gasketing Products:

      • The thinner the better.  Thinner surface mounted gasket creates less part vibration.  But enough thickness is needed to counter-act the variances of the material looking to be held.
      • It is why the 1/32″ thick CR 03 material is the most common for plastics applications
      • The CR 06 material most common among woodworkers
      • The CR 12 material when working with materials that have a lot of variances.
      • The CR 06 38 3/8″ width is the most commonly ordered.  Narrow widths (1/4″and 1/8″) can help with tighter areas.  Wider size like 1/2″ and more are also available.
      • Lower Density products (CE series) are typically ordered by customers with low-powered vacuum systems, such as home built machines and hobbyists.
      • Firm Density Products (IR series) are for very heavy weight products that need a strong gasket to hold up under the weight of the material, not just vacuum pull.