Tile Gasketing





Industry: Skis and Snowboards

Location: East Boston, MA

Materials routed: Various wood products

CNC Router: MultiCam

Gasketing Product: UMG 25 500 for the table and CR 06 Tile Gasketing for the parts

This customer was was having trouble with the varying product sizes they were trying to cut.  Without the option to create a Dedicated Fixture, we decided to employ Tile Gasketing.  This Universal Downdraft assist product does two things….

A) Creates thousands of mini 1/4″ suction clamps through the sheet material, increasing vacuum effectiveness.

B) Eliminates vacuum loss by sealing the surface of a porous MDF spoilboard with a non-porous gasketing sheet, eliminating vacuum loss.

Customer was able to cut all parts in a single pass with improved edge quality.